Personal Photo Retouching

Our versatile body of work and portfolio covers almost all areas of commercial photographers, and we are fully equipped to handle any photographic project from high-end creative advertising photography to high volume, beautiful, consistent e-commerce photography that helps our clients to engage and sell more products. .

Photographs via Unsplash

Image is everything, there’s no denying that. Hence the increased demand for our personal photo retouching services, and as the age of the selfie gathers momentum, burgeoning numbers of us are fastidiously poring over the way in which we’re projected. Not just in a social media context, but in the connected world generally. Once upon a time traditional 2D photo albums would capture the essence of us (irreversibly so for the most part), Today, however sees 3D versions of ourselves being readily open to much greater layers of visual interpretation..

“All thanks to our bespoke personal photo retouching services.”

Whether it’s removing those unsightly dark shadows from beneath your eyes (or that old favourite, red eye) or reshaping an aspect of your nose you’ve always been paranoid about. Or maybe it’s all about making your teeth appear a shade or two whiter. Either way we can professionally retouch and manipulate your photos according to your requests. Effecting often simple digitally-enhanced image amendments which ultimately make for a happier, more confident you.

And as the second age-appropriate model turned savvy businesswoman to grace The Row’s collections—former model and present beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin fronted their Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook—Van der Wal represents much more than a “where are they now” moment.

Now they gleefully cast off their garter belts, their bullet bras, their nasty sheer stockings, and popped into Mary’s minis, bloomers, baby dolls, shiny flat boots, see-through raincoats, removable plastic collars, crazy pj’s, and cardigans long enough—but just barely!—to double as dresses.

In The Row’s stately minimalist attire, Van der Wal looks worlds away from the femme fatale she once played in VS’s catalogs, but the new look suits her current status.

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